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Thanks for visiting our Johnson Motor Review. In this review you can easily uncover whether Johnson Motor is a scam or legit. You should continue reading in case you think about purchasing this product.

To start with, listed here is a breakdown of what Johnson Motor is:

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Does The Johnson Motor Really Work?

In simple terms, the Johnson motor is a device that generates electricity via magnetic thrust. It is an electric motor, but also something else, and unlike any other electric motor you’ve ever seen.

What distinguishes the Johnson Motor from devices “like” it is that it’s able to generate free electricity. Most people’s first reaction to the claim is that it’s surely a scam. It is not, however, a scam, and in this review we’ll explain how it’s possible and why you may have never heard of it before now.

Of course, there are costs involved. As they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Initial costs include the blueprint, the build materials, and the builder’s time and energy. Those are the only costs, however, so once the user offsets those, the Johnson motor delivers real energy that is truly free.

No company sells the motor directly. The motors can be heavy and awkward, and manufacturing and selling them is simply not practical. Sure, a small and light motor is possible, but the more energy it produces, the larger and heavier it’ll be. Most users want enough electricity to augment the power for a home.

At those requirements, selling it directly is impractical, especially once you factor in the cost of storage, shipping and markup at two phases, at least. Even with minimal profit for the manufacturer and rights holder, the cost would be prohibitive. So a blueprint, which includes actual build instructions, is the only current practical way to sell the motor.

What Makes the Johnson Motor Special?

Many consumers come to a review like this one for proof that the motor is not a scam. The question that drives the consumer is why. Why is this motor not readily available? Why aren’t there any alternatives? Well, the answer to that, beyond the manufacturing impracticalities, lies in issues with the patent and low sales.

Patents for “perpetual motion” machines are rare. They’re also difficult to duplicate. A competitor would have to create a similar design distinct enough to deserve its own patent. The problem here is low incentive due to low sales. Even if sold by a review and convinced that it’s not a scam, most consumers simply aren’t adventurous enough to purchase a blueprint to build their own device.


Now, let’s get down to the brass tacks of this review: the advantages of the Johnson motor. This motor is a truly green solution. It has NO environmental impact at all, and it releases NO emissions or byproducts. Compared to wind turbines and solar solutions, it does NOT require a great deal of space. In the optimal scenario, it is used similarly to solar panels, complementing the conventional power system.


The Johnson Motor can be heavy. That can make them difficult to move, and they’re not practical for many mobile tasks. This has limited their usefulness since they’re not practical in cars and the like, yet. Be wary of any review that promises an all-purpose motor. In that case, it is not the motor that’s a scam. There is also the issue of cost. The blueprints are reasonable, but materials can be costly for a sizable motor.

Seems Too Good to Be True?

From the consumer perspective, the biggest issue with the Johnson motor is that it seems too good to be true. The term perpetual motion has a negative connotation. The truth of this review, however, is that perpetual motion in relatively small amounts via magnetic thrust is very real and not a scam. As mentioned, there is some impracticality involved, but if you build it for a home in which you plan to live in for years, the dividends are very real.

Verdict Of The Johnson Motor Review

When Howard Johnson met with the U.S. Patent Office in person, they reiterated that the U.S. government does not award patents for perpetual motion machines. By the end of that meeting, they awarded him a patent for the Johnson motor. When it comes to “perpetual motion,” many have faulty preconceptions. The U.S. Patent Office did. You probably did too. The motor, however, is not a scam, and this guide has all the blueprints which will make it possible for you to build your own Howard Johnson Motor.

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